Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amazing coats to match any bridesmaid dressesⅠ

After wedding, most girls buy bridesmaid dresses to wear only once, before storing them away as a keepsake or possible hand-me-down. That’s pity! You just need wear a coat over your bridesmaid dresses that can wear again your nice dresses.

Amazing coat: suit jacket
suit jacket and bridesmaid dresses
RBD113 from RedBD.co.uk, £65.00
One follows a gender formal suit small jacket, ground of there is no shirking the responsibility becomes your necessary joker pattern. If you have a short bridesmaid dress, the suit jacket matches it perfectly whatever the style of your short dress.

Amazing coat: black leathers
black leather and bridesmaid dresses

Every girls should have a black leather which can fit in well any dress.  You don’t need to buy expensive, thousands of pounds black leather. Now the black leather in PU fabric is cheap and good. It is beautiful that you wear a black leather over your long bridesmaid dresses in spring.

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