Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Refashion your long bridesmaid dresses

Do you have a long bridesmaid dress hiding in your wardrobe that has never seen the daylight since the end of your best friend’s wedding? Don't you think it's a pity? What can you do with the bridesmaid dress? Refashion the dresses by yourself.

First:Find a suitable coat
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You can find a sequin tank top or a T shirt which is you never wear again from your wardrobe. Remember the style of these coats is simple.

Second: Makeover Steps

We give you an example of the first sequin tank top and first long bridesmaid dress in the first picture. First, you can cut the top half of the long dress and the extra parts of the sequin tank top with the method of second picture. Don’t forget to leave the zipper on the bridesmaid dress. Then you can sewed the exposed zipper to the tank top and unzipped the zipper and cut the tank down the center. Making it look like the zipper went all the way up the dress.

Third: Finish 

TA DA! The new dress is finish. You will be proud to wear the new dress by yourself in daily life . This way can give you a new dress and help you solve the never wear coats in your wardrobe. You should try to do.

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