Monday, January 16, 2017

To restyle your long bridesmaid dresses to go to beach

In spring or summer wedding, most couples-to-be want to hold romantic beach theme of wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids often choose long bridesmaid dresses to beach wedding. Have you ever been to a beach wedding as a bridesmaid with a long dress? If you have, you shouldn’t forget the dress and you can restyle it to go to beach.

How to restyle
How to restyle your bridesmaid dress like a beach dress? To add some beach items. For example, if you have a bridesmaid dress like RBD160 ( you can get it in RedBD, RedBD offers nice and affordable bridesmaid dresses ) , you can wear it with a beach hat, sunglasses and a pair of flip flops to beach. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

RBD038, you’d wear again it to a formal evening

If you had a formal bridesmaid dress which you just wore once in a wedding, don’t forget it and wear again it to a formal evening by different hairstyles, makeup or accessories. 

RBD038 in wedding
Chiffon Deep V-neck Tea-length Bridesmaid Dress
For example, RBD038, the bridesmaid dress you can wear it in any theme of spring or summer wedding ceremony without any ceremonies. Simple or elegant is important for bridesmaids. You’d wore little make-up and simple hairstyle.

RBD038 in formal evening
wear again bridesmaid dresses in formal evening
In formal evening, you can wear the dress with make-up application, stunning jewelry and nice high heels. If you like this dress, you can buy it in RedBD. There are many nice and affordable bridesmaid dresses and you can wear again them in formal evening.

Monday, January 2, 2017

RBD173, the bridesmaid dresses that you’d want to wear again

Chiffon V-neck Wideband Short Bridesmaid Dress
RBD173, it reflects a signature style of understated elegance with a strong feeling of individuality. You can wear the bridesmaid dress to attend any theme of wedding ceremony in 2017. You also can wear it as a gown in a formal evening or a dress in daily life.

Wear again RBD173
Wear again RBD173
Tops: cardigan, black leather, loose sweater. Shoes: short boots. Necklace: V shaped or slim pendants. You can pair with these to wear again the red V neck short bridesmaid dresses. You can makeup beautifully and to anywhere with the nice dress.