Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2 Ways To Restyle Hot Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

HOT PINK bridesmaids dresses
This bride allows her bridesmaids to choose different styles bridesmaids dresses but in shades of pink colors. V neck, one shoulder and strapless necklines, red, pink and fuchsia colors. It’s very kind to allow maids to choose color and style they like according to their favorite. And they can be restyled and worn again after wedding.

restyle bridesmaid dresses
Choose a black work suit to cover your top and show off the skirt. It’s a good outfit for the office lady.
A different option for re-purposing your dress is to cover the top with a shirt and just show off the skirt. This is a great way to tone down a really formal gown or make a revealing neckline modest and work-appropriate.

RedBD 2 Coral Bridesmaid Dresses That Can Be Wore Again

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Restyle Pleats Bridesmaid Dress

short pink bridesmaid dresses

It looks very beautiful with such lovely pink bridesmaids dresses that features sweetheart strapless neckline, shirred bodice and pleated skirt, and short length. It's a garden wedding, pink colors was picked into the whole wedding. Dress, flowers, and decorations. You must be very hate to leave it in the closet lonely. Restyle it, and wear again.

wear again bridesmaid dress

Items you need prepare
1.A denim jacket;
2.A long necklace;
3.A pair of high heels;

Where to go with this outfit

RedBD UK chiffon tea length pink bridesmaid dress that can be wore again after wedding

RedBD UK wear again bridesmaid dress

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How To Restyle Bridesmaid Dress After Wedding

purple bridesmaid dresses
sweetheart strapless purple bridesmaid dresses

Sweetheart strapless short bridesmaid dress is a hot style that you’ll always see in different weddings. Since its classic neckline and skirt design. Many girls realize that it’s a big waste, because you’ll just wear once in someone’s big day, and then put it in the closet forever. Restyle it, and wear it again daily is the best solution to stop this waste. Here, Jen shares how to restyle this basic short sweetheart strapless bridesmaid dress.

restyle sweetheart strapless bridesmaid dress
wear again bridesmaid dress after wedding

The items you should prepare
1.A white shirt;
2.A beige suit jacket;
3.A pair of nude high heels;
4.A leopard belt;

Where you can go with this outfit?
2.Shopping with friends;

RedBD UK bridesmaid dresses that can be restyled after wedding

You can find more wear again bridesmaid dresses at RedBD UK that tailor made(7-10 working days) different shades of purple & red bridesmaids dresses at affordable price (under £100).

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Some Bridesmaids Dresses You’d Be Guaranteed To Wear Again

shinning bridesmaids dresses

Look at these sparkler bridesmaids dresses, every bridesmaid will cry when getting such a beautiful sparkle dress. What words to describe such beautiful bridesmaids dresses? Fashion, elegant, shinning and bling-bling. I believe that each of them will wear it again after wedding.

fashion bridesmaids dresses

What styles you will find from this pic? Sweetheart strapless mermaid lace bridesmaid dress, elegant bateau neckline pink tea length bridesmaid dress, square white top splice pink long skirt. Each of them can be wore again after wedding, right?

Red Scoop Neckline Tea Length Bridesmaid Dress

Pink One Shoulder Short Bridesmaid Dress With Handmade Flower Accented

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How To Makeover Bridesmaid Dress After Wedding

Do not let your bridesmaid dress collect dust in the back of your closet. How to make your dress over so you can wear it again after wedding?

Green Strapless Bridesmaid Dress With Belt
Green Strapless Bridesmaid Dress With Belt
Makeover Steps
1.Remove the belt;
2.Add some gold studs to top trim of the dress;
3.Pair with some necklace;

Black Strapless A-line Bridesmaid Dress
Black Strapless A-line Bridesmaid Dress
Makeover Steps
1.Cut and hemmed the dress into a hi-lo style and sew it;
2.Add interest with a great silver belt;

Black Mermaid Bridesmaid With Silver Beaded Neckline
Black Mermaid Bridesmaid With Silver Beaded Neckline
Makeover Steps
1.Remove the neckline;
2.Cut the dress and hemmed it into a mini;

Strapless Short Fuchsia Bridesmaid Dress
Fuchsia Strapless Short Bridesmaid Dress
Makeover Steps
1.Add necklaces in fuchsia or ivory color;
A high heel in red, black or ivory color;

Sunday, July 12, 2015

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Being A Fashion Girl After Wedding

Do not waste anything, which includes the cloths besides the food. Most bridesmaids dresses are put in the closet after wedding forever. Reusing the dresses after wedding is a fashion thing now.

blingbling bridesmaids dresses

They are all the bling bling dresses, which shine the whole ceremony. You’ll be a fashion and hot girl after wedding with such a sexy and sparkle dress.

wear again bridesmaids dresses
Let me image that girls are shopping after the wedding ceremony. Same color, different styles bridesmaids dresses that can be wore again. It can be wear as cocktail dress, club dress and some other party dress.

Peplum Short Bridesmaid Dress With A Big Bowknot Accented

More wear again bridesmaids dresses you can check at which offers different shades of purple and red bridesmaids dresses. All dresses for bridesmaids are under 100 and can be tailor made.