Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amazing coats to match any bridesmaid dressesⅠ

After wedding, most girls buy bridesmaid dresses to wear only once, before storing them away as a keepsake or possible hand-me-down. That’s pity! You just need wear a coat over your bridesmaid dresses that can wear again your nice dresses.

Amazing coat: suit jacket
suit jacket and bridesmaid dresses
RBD113 from RedBD.co.uk, £65.00
One follows a gender formal suit small jacket, ground of there is no shirking the responsibility becomes your necessary joker pattern. If you have a short bridesmaid dress, the suit jacket matches it perfectly whatever the style of your short dress.

Amazing coat: black leathers
black leather and bridesmaid dresses

Every girls should have a black leather which can fit in well any dress.  You don’t need to buy expensive, thousands of pounds black leather. Now the black leather in PU fabric is cheap and good. It is beautiful that you wear a black leather over your long bridesmaid dresses in spring.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Buy a daily dress as your bridesmaid dress Ⅱ

Is there a dress that you want to wear it in the article Buy a daily dress as your bridesmaid dress Ⅰ? If not, RedBD picks more bridesmaid dresses that you can wear them in daily life for you.

Tulle bridesmaid dresses
Tulle Sweetheart Strapless Pleated Bodice with Satin Sash Long Bridesmaid Dress
Whether in daily life or wedding party, always tulle dresses are suitable for anywhere. In the wedding party, there is absolutely no denying how stunning the tulle dresses in long length and comfortable color are. After party, you just need a suit and simple leather to wear over the tulle dress.

Two piece bridesmaid dresses
Two piece bridesmaid dresses
Many bridesmaids will wear two piece bridesmaid dresses in the wedding party. Also many girls wear two piece dresses in spring or summer. If you have a simple two piece bridesmaid, you can wear the dresses in daily life with no changes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Refashion your long bridesmaid dresses

Do you have a long bridesmaid dress hiding in your wardrobe that has never seen the daylight since the end of your best friend’s wedding? Don't you think it's a pity? What can you do with the bridesmaid dress? Refashion the dresses by yourself.

First:Find a suitable coat
RBD229 from RedBD.co.uk, under £100
You can find a sequin tank top or a T shirt which is you never wear again from your wardrobe. Remember the style of these coats is simple.

Second: Makeover Steps

We give you an example of the first sequin tank top and first long bridesmaid dress in the first picture. First, you can cut the top half of the long dress and the extra parts of the sequin tank top with the method of second picture. Don’t forget to leave the zipper on the bridesmaid dress. Then you can sewed the exposed zipper to the tank top and unzipped the zipper and cut the tank down the center. Making it look like the zipper went all the way up the dress.

Third: Finish 

TA DA! The new dress is finish. You will be proud to wear the new dress by yourself in daily life . This way can give you a new dress and help you solve the never wear coats in your wardrobe. You should try to do.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Buy a daily dress as your bridesmaid dressⅠ

In order to the bridesmaid dress can be re-worn in daily life, you can buy a daily dress as your bridesmaid dress. Some styles you should take into consideration such as basic style, two piece, lace and many more.

Basic style bridesmaid dress
Strapless A-line Short Bridesmaid Dress

You should choose a basic style bridesmaid dress without unique design, simple neckline, simple skirt and appropriate length in soft color. In wedding party, you can wear the basic style bridesmaid dress with high heels and beautiful bridesmaid flowers. In daily life, you can wear a denim shirt or a simple T-shirt over the dresses with your favorite necklaces, handbags and comfortable shoes.

Floral print bridesmaid dress
Floral print bridesmaid dress

Many girls love wearing a Floral print dress in summer. Also floral print dresses are the common style of daily dresses. Now more and more brides choose floral print dresses as their bridesmaid dresses for their girls. This choice is convenient for these girls to wear again the dress   after the wedding.

Lace bridesmaid dress
Lace bridesmaid dress

Lace always create a romantic and elegant vibe for women. Lace dress fits on any occasion, work in office, for bridesmaid in wedding, go out in daily life, you all can wear the dress.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Choose simple clothes to restyle your bridesmaid dress

It’s a great pity that you are no longer wearing the bridesmaid dress after the wedding. Maybe you choose simple clothes such as a T-shirt, a denim vest, you can wear again your beautiful bridesmaid dress in spring or summer.

Choose a simple short T-shirt
wear again long bridesmaid dresses

Simple strapless neckline ruched bodice pleated skirt and zipper back in light shades color, it’s the most common style of nice bridesmaid dresses. If you have a short T-shirt which is simple and your favorite, you can wear it over the bridesmaid in summer daily life. It will be more fashion if you tie a knot in the lower right corner or the lower left corner of the shirt.

Choose a denim vest
wear again short bridesmaid dresses

In summer wear a short bridesmaid dress and collection over a denim vest is well-match. When you wear like this, you can unlock the some buttons or open the denim vest, exposing the strapless sweetheart neckline of the dress, fashion and sexy. Whether white Sports shoes and canvas shoes, high heels, they all can match the dress and denim vest.