Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2 ways to refashion your long bridesmaid dresses

refashion long bridesmaid dresses
Don’t forget your nice long bridesmaid dresses in your closet after wedding. You just need a pair of scissors and a ruler to refashion your long bridesmaid dresses by 2 ways. By the 2 ways you can wear again your bridesmaid dresses in daily life perfectly.

Ways 1: change into a tea length dress
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First you can find a suitable length for yourself. Second you can draw a line on your skirt by rulers. Third Take out your scissors, cut along the line, take care of your hands. Finally, you will get your new tea length bridesmaid dress.

Ways 2: change into a top
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You can follow the way of ‘ways 1’ to cut a top just need cut out more parts of skirt. You will get a new top. You can wear the new top with your favorite trousers or coats.

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