Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to refashion your red bridesmaid dresses

red wedding
More and more brides love choosing red bridesmaid dresses for their love girls cause red is hot and lucky. The most important is the bridesmaid dresses in red are dresses wear wild single items and the bridesmaids can wear it in any styles after wedding.

Go office
wear again red bridesmaid dresses to office
If you go office with the red bridesmaid dresses, you just need some black single items to match it. You can wear red dresses in a formal way with a lack blazer, black high heels and handbag to office.

Have a travel 
wear again red bridesmaid dresses to travel
If you will have a travel, you can wear again your tea length bridesmaid dresses in red to enjoy your travel. Choose a casual shirt and simple white sport shoes with your dress that can make you looks nice and your travel easier.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

3 ways to wear again your spaghetti straps long bridesmaid dress

Don’t worry the problem that you don’t know how to wear again your spaghetti straps long bridesmaid dress after the wedding. RedBD tell you 3 ways to wear again your nice spaghetti straps long bridesmaid dress.

Way 1
Black sunglasses, scoop shorter pendants with volume, black suit jackets, black handbag and high heels, you can wear spaghetti straps long bridesmaid dress with these to go office.

Way 2
If you have a good summer beach holiday, the spaghetti straps long bridesmaid dress will come in handy. It’s beautiful that you wear the dress with a beach Hat and flip flops to summer beach.

Way 3
When you are going to shopping, you can wear a simple T-shirt over your spaghetti straps long bridesmaid dress. You can tie a knot on the button of the t-shirt if you feel it loose that the T-shirt wear over the dresses.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Amazing coats to match any bridesmaid dressesⅡ

Do you like the ways of wear again bridesmaid dresses in ‘Amazing coats to match any bridesmaid dressesⅠ’ ? In fact, you also can choose denim jacket and Long scarf to wear over your bridesmaid dresses in daily life.

Denim jackets
denim jackets with bridesmaid dresses

Denim jackets are the perfect neutral. You can match it with any dress in any color in daily life. It’s also amazing that you wear again your bridesmaid dress with a denim jackets. You can wear some accessories properly to add your lifestyle such as a necklace, a watch.

A long scarf
bridesmaid dresses

RBD166, RBD177 from, the bridesmaid dresses are under £100.
If you have a chiffon long bridesmaid dresses, you can put a long scarf  on your shoulder with bridesmaid dress. If you have a short dress, you can around the scarf on your neck with your dress. There are many ways for you to wear again your bridesmaid dress with a scarf in daily life.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How to match your pink bridesmaid dress

If you choose a nice pink bridesmaid dress to your best friend’s wedding, how to match the pink bridesmaid dress in the wedding? How to refashion the nice pink dress after the wedding? RedBD give you some advice on how to match and refashion your pink bridesmaid dress.

In the wedding
pink bridesmaid dresses in weddingThe bride who is your best friend is the most beautiful and brightest in the whole wedding, so you need to stay away heavy makeup and dazzling jewelry. As a bridesmaid, you just need to keep simple and grace.

After the wedding
wear again pink bridesmaid  dresses

You can match this dress by your preference in daily life. White, goose yellow, bright blue, gold, black and pink are the best combinations of colors. You can choose accessories and shoes by these colors.