Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How to match your pink bridesmaid dress

If you choose a nice pink bridesmaid dress to your best friend’s wedding, how to match the pink bridesmaid dress in the wedding? How to refashion the nice pink dress after the wedding? RedBD give you some advice on how to match and refashion your pink bridesmaid dress.

In the wedding
pink bridesmaid dresses in weddingThe bride who is your best friend is the most beautiful and brightest in the whole wedding, so you need to stay away heavy makeup and dazzling jewelry. As a bridesmaid, you just need to keep simple and grace.

After the wedding
wear again pink bridesmaid  dresses

You can match this dress by your preference in daily life. White, goose yellow, bright blue, gold, black and pink are the best combinations of colors. You can choose accessories and shoes by these colors.

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