Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2 Ways To Restyle Hot Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

HOT PINK bridesmaids dresses
This bride allows her bridesmaids to choose different styles bridesmaids dresses but in shades of pink colors. V neck, one shoulder and strapless necklines, red, pink and fuchsia colors. It’s very kind to allow maids to choose color and style they like according to their favorite. And they can be restyled and worn again after wedding.

restyle bridesmaid dresses
Choose a black work suit to cover your top and show off the skirt. It’s a good outfit for the office lady.
A different option for re-purposing your dress is to cover the top with a shirt and just show off the skirt. This is a great way to tone down a really formal gown or make a revealing neckline modest and work-appropriate.

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