Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wear again your red short bridesmaid dresses in autumn

rewear red short bridesmaid dresses
The leaves begin to fall and the weather becomes cooler when autumn comes. How to wear again your red short bridesmaid dresses beautifully and warmly? RedBD tells you some ways and offers more nice and affordable bridesmaid dresses for you.

Way 1
wear again your short bridesmaid dresses in fall
It’s so cool that you wear a chiffon short bridesmaid dress in red with black coats, trousers , shoes and accessories. In fact,  no matter what color your bridesmaid dress is, you all can co-ordinate your short bridesmaid dress with these black items.

Way 2
refashion short red bridesmaid dresses in autumn
You can wear again the red short bridesmaid dresses without any coats in summer after wedding. This dress is designed based on the skirt of daily life. In early autumn, you just need wear a simple coat over the dress.

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