Thursday, July 4, 2013

Guide to Choose a Wear Again Bridesmaid Dress

I want to choose bridesmaids dresses my girls will wear again, but is this in vain? Have you ever really re-worn a bridesmaid dress?
Future and former brides, did you try to choose your bridesmaids dresses with a rewear in mind?
...More and more people want to know does it possiable to choose a wear again bridesmaid dress and how.

Black Wear Again Bridesmaid Dresses
Black Wear Again Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Choose a classic dress style, staying away from anything that is too dated or frilly. Make sure the dresses will never go out of style. Everyone has unique fashion taste, so to choose something all your bridesmaids will want to wear again, go with something simple. That doesn't mean you have to think boring - just try to restrain yourself from getting caught up in piles of ruffles, big bows or blingy details. A dress with minimal embellishment and clean timeless lines will more likely look appropriate for a variety of other events, and you can always add some visual interest for the wedding day with sparkly jewelry, fun shoes and gorgeous bouquets. If you are looking for wear-again bridesmaid dresses, you do not want to try a risky, brand-new trend. Stick to something classic that was popular years ago and is still popular now. Classic dress styles would include A-line dresses with fitted bodices, or sweatheart bodices with full skirts. Dresses like these can be worn for decades.

2. Bridesmaids often complain that their bridesmaid dresses are not a color that they would usually wear. Many brides have a specific color or colors in mind to match the colors of the wedding decorations or flowers. Where there is leeway, bridesmaids should choose a dress color that complements their individual skin tone. For example, if a bride wants her bridesmaids to dress in blue, there are often a range of blues, at least one of which should suit each person's skin tone. For colours that may not look great on you, such as yellow, orange, or cream, or colours you're simply not a fan of, such as pastel pink, keep in mind that any dress that's light enough can be dyed later to a darker shade so you can wear it confidently again. Black bridesmaid dresses are an ever-growing, simple trend for weddings. This color choice could be perfect for your wear-again bridesmaid dresses because, honestly, everyone needs a great LBD!

3. Length. Ideally, the bridesmaid's dress you choose that will ensure you get the most wear out of it will be knee length or a bit shorter. However, a tea length or long bridesmaid dress can always be shortened later, so it's not that big of a deal. If the choice is yours, select a knee length dress unless you're comfortable with a shorter length, but for a formal wedding knee length is usually considered more appropriate. Also check the measurements of the dress and think about which shoes you'll be wearing with the dress, which will affect the way it looks. Also think about what shoes you'll wear with the dress after the wedding.

4. Dresses can come in many different materials. From silk to polyester, chiffon to crepe, sequins, and damask, there are a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. Some materials are more closely associated with weddings and other formal events. For example, chiffon and crepe, tulle and taffeta are typically found in wedding dresses. Occasionally, a bridesmaid may find a style of dress that is flattering, but the material does not lend itself to events outside of a wedding.

Pink Wear Again Bridesmaid Dresses
Pink Wear Again Bridesmaid Dresses

When the time came for me to pick out their dresses, I knew I wanted my ladies to pick their own, but I also wanted the gowns to come from the same designer's line and in the same color. I don't know how many of you have seen the movie 27 Dresses, but that's essentially what my closet used to look like. That being said, one thing I've loved about weddings recently is how more and more brides are picking re-wearable bridesmaid dresses. That was one thing that was important to me, way before I was even engaged. My thought was, I'll just have my gals pick short, pink dresses that they can wear again!

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